Watercolour therapy

So its the end of my holiday – unfortunately it was a wet one with a low pressure system sitting over the area for the best part of 3 weeks. I got ill, too, which at first I thought was a cold but as it lingered interminably I decided it might have been a physiological reaction to the low pressure system. I get that with the severe tropical lows, I go all tired and headachy and miserable, like the onset of the flu. (It’s a genuine feeling of physical illness, not just a psychological thing). Does that happen to anyone else or is it just me??

Anyway, the silver lining t0 the rainclouds was that in looking for indoor activities I got myself a colouring book and a watercolour pad and paints. It’s been fun engaging the other side of my brain for a change. This is my first attempt with the watercolours, it’s our dog enjoying a bone in the garden.

She doesn’t actually look quite like that – my artistic vision being limited by my lack of skill! But not bad for a first attempt?

I hope I have time to do a few more before I get stuck back into work.

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