Stories of the Dark and Light

dark and light cover

Today was a big day for our writers’ group, Wordwick3d. After several weeks walking around the pool nervously, dipping our toes in to test the temperature, we decided it was well past time to jump right in.

A fraught few hours on the web, which nearly saw us drowning in details, saw us making our first book upload. You should have heard the squeals of delight as we went into Amazon and found it there in the store!

Our first collection (one of many, hopefully) crosses the genres of fantasy and science fiction. There’s something for everyone in the mix: dark paranormal fantasy with hints of romance, and tense confrontations in alternate realities.

“Stories of the Dark and Light” is now available in Kindle and e-book. Enjoy!

2016-07-04 001_Aiyson-Kay-Barb(15) - Copy (1)

L-R: Alyson Walton, Barbara Strickland, and me – just after upload

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